casino visor

I remember seeing Droopy (cartoon dog), Tom and/or Jerry, and one of the dogs in the famous 'Dogs play cards' painting wearing a green casino dealer visor

But I can't find any pictures reflecting the memory. I see a white dog in a green visor playing pool, but that is definitely not what I'm referring to.
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Why are accountants and casino dealers frequently portrayed wearing green visors?

I always wondered this.
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Why in old movies are people such as bankers, casino dealers and accountants often depicted wearing translucent green visors?

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I cannot find a picture/painting of any dog, including Droopy, wearing a green bank teller/dealers visor.

I can't find a picture of Tom or Jerry in that visor either. I can't find any parodies/versions of the Dogs Playing Cards painting that has one of those visors anywhere in it. This could be a residue wipe efficiency test!
Edit: Googling Casino Dealer Bulldog brings up a picture of exactly that, but it's not at all what I'm talking about. Also, Cuphead had a skeleton dog wearing a casino dealer hat. I'm looking for any cartoon casino visors at this point.
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It’s probably not accurate, but here’s May 2020’s domestic tax paid shipments by beer brewers

Let’s start your week with some domestic tax paid estimates. Grab a coffee or breakfast beer, kick up your feet and put on that green casino-style dealer visor. Last week, the Beer Institute…
from KC Hop Talk
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POWER: C SPEED: A RANGE: D DURABILITY: B PRECISION: A POTENTIAL: D Song inspiration: Ace Of Spades by Motörhead. Youtube link to song:
((Haven't been on this thread in a while. Might as well pop in with my entry.))
The 「ACE OF SPADES」is a humanoid stand with the most noticable feature about it happens to be the lack of a lower torso, lower abdomen, legsn and feet. It's roughly the size of your average man in terms of upper body with anatomically correct features and average proportions.
It's upper body appears to be adorned with a pure white tabard with a black fringe outlining the outer portions. This tabard appears to be billowing in an invisible breeze whenever the stand is summoned. The back of the tabard has the classic joker card suit embroidered nicley in black and white whereas on the front portion features an ace of spades with the "A's" in the apporpriate corneres and a large card suit of spades in the center in black. Upon it's arms appears to be sleeves that are a silvery grey adorned with the symbols of the suits of cards (Clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades) outlined thinly in black. The hands of this stand have fingerless gloves with a spade motif cut out from the knuckles. One thing to note about the hands are that there are only three fingers and a thumb on each hand, which are pointed and almost claw like. Moving up the head , the biggest catch is the lack of neck. The trasition to the head is abrupt and features a sort of knight's face-guard/visor in the style of shark teeth. Above this rests two large eyes with red irises that rest almost on either side of it's head. Covering the rest of the head is a bowler hat. The brim moves smoothly around the eyes of the stand and meet the visor in front, creating a seamless transition all around itxs head. The biggest take away is the fact that the only facial features seen are it's large eyes.
「ACE OF SPADES」has two abilities. The primary ability is that it grants it's user superhuman level knowledge of probability. To explain simply, in a game of texas hold'em the stand allows the user to understand the probability of the next card to appear from the deck, and what cards are being held by other players. This ability does not allow the stand nor the user to alter probability. It simply grants the user knowledge of the probability of the next card is. This ability does not just apply to cards. It appiles to any system where there are set boundries in place, such as rolling dice, flipping coins, roulette wheels, etc. This ability plays well to the stands speed, and precision.
「ACE OF SPADES」's second ability is a bit odd and applies more to gambling, but not in the sense of chips or money. This stand is able to take other stands IF AND ONLY IF there is an understoodn established, and accepted bet and/or gamble made beforehand. This ability can be applied to any bet, but the ability is focused entirely around stands. To explain simply, if there is a bet over a texas holdxem game and a bet is made on the table where an enemy stand user wagers their stand, and loses to 「ACE OF SPADES」's user, the enemy stand user loses their stand to the other. Any stands won over this way are now under ownership of 「ACE OF SPADES」's user and are able to be used by the user as though they are his/hers.
The biggest drawback to the stand-wager is that if the user of 「ACE OF SPADES」loses the bet, the stand moves over to the ownership of the victor, disabling the original stand user from using its abilities. Furthermore, any accusations of cheating post-game or bet cheating (as soon as the game ends or 12 hours pass after the bet) will not bring the stand back to the original user even if there is hard evidence. However, if cheating is accused and found as the game is going on (or before the 12-hour limit) 「ACE OF SPADES」will kill the cheater via strangling until the cheater lays dead while also disabling the use of stands by the cheater. After this, 「ACE OF SPADES」will return to the user whom wagered it. As a side note, 「ACE OF SPADES」allows other stands won by the user to be wagered as well with similar drawbacks and consequences applied.
The stand's poweris roughly equal to that of your average street hustler and/or casino card dealer. It's about as tough as your average bouncer with the range of an overprotective bodyguard. If allowed, it can perform incredible card shuffles at blinding speeds as well as stacking decks at the same time. While its abilities are incredible, it does not have a lot in potential use of the stand.
It's just like the song lyrics. ((Mildly altered for puns))
If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your stand You win some, lose some, all the same to me
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say I don't share your greed, the only stand you'll need is the Ace of Spades The Ace of Spades
Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil Going with the flow, it's all a game to me
Seven or eleven, snake eyes watching you Double up or quit, double stake or split, the Ace of Spades The Ace of Spades
I know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools But that's the way I like it baby You don't wanna live for ever And don't forget the joker!
Pushing up the ante, I know you gotta see me Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again
I see it in your eyes, take one look and die The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be the Ace of Spades The Ace of Spades
EDIT: Forgot the contest stuff! Um... if i win, i want the runner up's contest idea to be used and I'll keep the flair!
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by retardfag69
Lights. Noises. Slot machines vomit chips into the cups of lost souls. These people gamble because the world forgot them. At least the slot machine let's them know where they stand. Maybe you'll win, and maybe you'll lose everything. Either is preferable to the apathetic neutrality so typical in our day and age. If you never ask questions, you'll never get any answers.
"Where do you think they keep the legal hookers?" says Randy, as he surveys the seemingly endless casino hall.
"I want to fuck a bi-lingual hooker. I want her to tell me my dick is small in English, and then tell me my dick is huge in her other language," says Brendon. He is wearing the same florescent visor-hat worn by all the card dealers. "Then, I want to fuck one that only speaks sign language and make her say things with her fingers in my butt."
"Oh my god, Brendon, that is really nasty stuff," says Melissa. Randy stops in the middle of a busy area of the floor and closes his eyes.
"OK guys, I think I need to see if I still have my Godmind powers from space. I'll use it to locate the legal hookers." Randy makes stiff fingers and pushes them against his temples. Blackness. Figures. Now he sees some shapes. The shapes are becoming firm, but still shaking like dark-matter Jello. Now he is leaking out of his body and towards the ceiling. He looks down and sees not people or slot machines or card tables, but something like heat signatures. "Yep. I see them, I see a legal hooker, she's...she's taking money legally from lots of guys she had sex with. It's awesome. She fucks them. They cum...oh, ok, I see them cumming on her. They're really glazing that ass. They're banging her like she's a hammock hung between two giant boners. Oh god, oh no, they're actually taking a nap on her like she's a hammock. She looks really uncomfortable."
"Holy shit," says Brendon, stroking his bearded chin. "I never even thought of using a girl like a hammock. I mean, I treated ladies like they were ham hocks, but never hammocks. I could really go for laying on a girl on a warm Sunday afternoon, sipping a strawberry lemonade, reading Yacht Magazine. Yeah, a guy could really get used to that."
"Hold on, I'm not ignoring what you are saying, Brendon. But, I think I've located the legal hookers. We have to find an elevator, and it's either the second floor or the third floor," says Randy, his eyes hammered shut, all attention on his visions.
"How many floors in total are there?" says Brendon.
"There are three floors."
"Including the floor we are on right now?"
A voice comes over the intercom. "Attention all horny men. The legal hookers will be ready to fuck in one half-hour. It's first come, first come, so come get in line now at the pink elevator. That is all. Enjoy the rest of your stay at the Harvey F. Penisboy Hotel and Casino."
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JoJo's Bizarre Interactive Adventure: Hard Mode - Level 4-8.1 [Stand Battle: vs Squall (Cont.)]

The text limit for 4-8 was reached, so we're continuing here.
[Phase 7 (u/vyhox): Keep Squall's attention on JoJo while he goes around knocking over whatever he can.]
[Phase 7 (u/Witupo): I take a step away from the fight and look to see where the ace of diamonds is, I inform jojo of its location when I see it.]
[u/vyhox and u/Witupo get the Teamwork Bonus!]
Josiah remembered Squall's entrance, and how he cut down Roxas and Jack with the Ace of Diamonds. "Andy, I think his Stand might be in the deck." Andrew looked at Josiah. "It is?"
Squall shuffled his deck again. "Not this time," he thought. "I won't give you the chance to plan a strategy!" He tossed his deck into the air. The cards erratically flew around him, moving and stopping with little sign of a pattern. Their shine made it appear as though Squall was surrounded by golden mist. "Read 'em, and weep!"
Squall commanded the barraged of cards to fly toward Josiah and Andrew. Big Blue was able to burn most of them with a fireball, but the rest kept coming. Josiah and Andrew ran. "It's the Ace of Diamonds, Andy," Josiah said. "The way Squall controlled it before made it seem more powerful than the other cards. It has to be that one!"
Andrew was in agreement. "How do we find it?" he asked. Big Blue ignited a couple of cards that almost hit them. "You stay hidden, and look for the card," Josiah said. "I'll keep his attention!" Andrew nodded. "Jojo, I can only teleport when I'm out of sight," he said. "Don't stop firing at him!"
The two split up. Big Blue fired at Squall, who kept creating card barriers to block the attacks. Meanwhile, Josiah ran toward the pile of remaining. boxes, and stacked them around as best as he could. "I need to give Andy plenty of places to hide," he thought. Still, he started feeling exhausted. He wasn't sure if he could keep moving.
Andrew remained out of Squall's sight. "I can't tell where the Ace is," he thought. "All the cards are flying around too quickly. They look the same from over here." Squall put up another card barrier to block Big Blue's fire. Andrew squinted his eyes, and barely made out the Ace of Diamonds as one of the cards used.
[Teamwork Bonus: Lucky sight!]
"Jojo!" Andrew yelled. "It's one of the cards he's keeping near him! Burn them all!" Josiah heard Andrew. He had Big Blue create his largest fireball yet. Squall's eyes widened in fear. "Mierda," he muttered. Big Blue threw the fireball, forcing Squall to use all of the cards flying around to create a barrier. Blue collided with gold, and the force was too much for Squall. Though the flames burned only the cards, the impact sent Squall flying into the wall, and onto the ground.
Josiah took a knee, worn out from the battle, and Big Blue faded out. Andrew stepped out of his hiding place. "Is it over?" he asked. Josiah nodded. "All the cards were burned, including the Ace of Diamonds. I think we w-"
Squall began picking himself up. "You stupid... little... SHITS!" Just like that, all the cards Big Blue destroyed reappeared around Squall, who took quite a bit of damage. "I told you, you'll never find out where my Stand is hidden!" Andrew's mouth was agape. "That's impossible!" he thought. "We destroyed all the cards!" Josiah couldn't muster the energy needed for Big Blue. "Damn it!" he cursed. Squall formed a ring of cards around himself, just like at the beginning of the fight.
[Phase 8 (u/vyhox): Tell Andy to teleport behind some cover. Grab Jack's sword and take a fighting pose.]
[Phase 8 (u/TehJoke): Hide behind some cover and think about mine stand. Is that really its full potential...?]
"Andy, take cover!" Josiah yelled. Andrew had no choice but to hide behind one of the boxes. Josiah looked around, and found Jack's sword on the floor. He made a break for it, while Squall held up a card. Jack sat on the bench where he laid Roxas down to recover. "Josiah, watch out!" he yelled.
Josiah picked up the sword, only for it to be cut in half in his hands by a flying Nine of Spades. Squall grinned. "Without Jack's Stand possessing it, that sword's nothing but regular steel," he thought.
Andrew watched helplessly. "Is this all my Stand can do?" he thought. "All I've been doing is running. Josiah needs my help!" Andrew ran out of cover, while the Nine of Spades circled back. "Jojo!"
The Nine of Spades was headed for Josiah's neck. Andrew felt a surge of energy course through him. A white figure emerged from behind another stack of boxes, grabbed Josiah by his hood, and pulled him out of the way of the attack. Everyone in the room was stunned.
The Stand let go of Josiah, who turned around to look at it. It had a white, muscular body with green hands and boots. It wore a green headset with a mic and antenna sticking out of each side. There was a red visor that hid its eyes, but aside from that, the face had no other features, not even a mouth or nose.
"This is it," Andrew thought. "This is my Stand!"
[Phase 9 (u/vyhox): There's no time to figure things out, JoJo is running empty and the enemy is standing strong. Trust in Andrew and have him continue this. With the last of your strength, throw the hilt of the sword to Andrew, and have Big Blue throw the other half of the blade past Squall so it flies just by him. Shut your eyes and believe in Andrew's stand.]
[Phase 9 (u/Witupo): Catch the Hilt, and as Squall is distracted by the blade hurtling past him, have Andrew's stand warp right behind squall. If we can't find the stand, just take out the user; Andrew's stand attacks Squall visciously from behind.]
[u/vyhox and u/Witupo get the Teamwork Bonus!]
"It's up to Andy," Josiah thought. He held up the hilt of Jack's sword. "Andy, catch!" He tossed Andrew the sword. Andrew panicked a little. "Hey, don't throw that at me!" Luckily, his Stand caught the hilt for him, and handed it to Andrew. "Don't go throwing sharp shit at me, man! You trying to kill me?" He looked at the blade. "What am I supposed to do with this?"
Big Blue grabbed the other half of the sword. "Andy, warp!" Josiah yelled before shutting his eyes. Big Blue threw the blade at Squall, who set up a barrier to block it. With no one watching Andrew, he was free to teleport. "Thanks, Jojo," Andrew thought before teleporting with his Stand.
Andrew appeared behind Squall. The card dealer turned around after deflecting the blade Big Blue threw. "Oh, shit!" he cried. Before Squall had a chance to defend himself, Andrew's Stand punched him in the face.
[Teamwork Bonus: Critical hit!]
Squall stumbled back from the pain. Without proper concentration, he resorted to building inadequate card barriers that were easily destroyed by the flurry of punches from Andrew's Stand. YADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADA, the Stand yelled. Its speed and power allowed it to destroy the card barriers faster than the cards could regenerate.
Squall was not helpless, however. While he kept forming card barriers to block Andrew's onslaught, Squall held the Ace of Diamonds in his right hand, and grinned. "Die, you piece of shit!" The card flew around the barrier, and cut Andrew's Stand on its shoulder. "Aaah!" Andrew cried from the pain.
[Phase 10 (u/vyhox): Run to Squall, grab the tip of the blade, and stab!]
[Phase 10 (u/Witupo): kick the hilt back to jojo, and keep attacking squall to cover jojo's rush.]
[u/vyhox and u/Witupo get the Teamwork Bonus!]
Despite the pain, Andrew was able to keep his Stand's attacks going. "Jojo, I can't use this," he said while holding up the hilt. "Get him!" Andrew kicked the hilt over to Josiah. With broken blade in hand, Josiah found the resolve to keep fighting.
[Teamwork Bonus: Extra vitality!]
Squall was being attacked from the front by Andrew's Stand, while Josiah was charging in from behind. Squall couldn't take it anymore. "ENOUGH!" His cards flew around him like a golden tornado, and pushed Andrew's Stand and Josiah away. Squall made a break for his hat, and ran up the stairs. "He's getting away!" Jack yelled.
[Phase 11 (u/vyhox): That's it! It's in his hat! Run to Jack and get his attention away from Squall, and ask him to infuse Rules of Nature into the broken hilt. And after Andy trips Squall, even if Jack can't infuse RoN, use the absolute last of your strength to summon Big Blue's arm and throw the hilt straight into Squall's hat.]
[Phase 11 (u/Witupo): Warp behind Squall as he's climbing the stairs and grab his leg to trip him and pull him down the stairs.]
[u/vyhox and u/Witupo get the Teamwork Bonus!]
As Squall ran away, Josiah pieced together the puzzle. "His hat! The card has to be in his hat!" he yelled. Squall ran even faster. "Mierda!" he thought. "How'd that kid figure out my Stand was in my hat the whole time!?"
Andrew wasn't about to let Squall get away. He closed his eyes, and had his Stand warp behind Squall to grab his leg. Squall tripped on the stairs, and felt himself get quickly dragged back down. "Let go!" he said as he held up another card.
Before Squall could attack, Andrew's Stand threw him back into the arena. Squall was able to break his fall using his cards, but he had to deal with Andrew before trying to escape again. "Out of my way!"
As Andrew and Squall clashed, Josiah picked up the broken hilt on the ground, and ran back to Jack. "Jack, can you infuse your Stand with this?" he asked. Jack grunted. "My Stand can only possess weapons that I'm holding. Even if my hands fully healed, the effects would wear off the moment I let go." Josiah cursed under his breath. "Damn it! How're we gonna destroy his Stand's card?" Roxas found the strength to sit up. "Boss, I have an idea," he said to Jack.
Andrew kept fighting with Squall. Fists and cards kept flying, and Andrew was losing. "Andy!" Josiah yelled. "Take off his hat!" Andrew's Stand teleported up to the ceiling, and grabbed Squall's trilby from above. "My hat!" Squall exclaimed. Andrew took the hat from his Stand. "Jojo, take it!" he yelled before tossing it.
Roxas took a deep breath. The white vine he wrapped around the hilt of Jack's broken sword glowed with a yellow light. Josiah held the vine with Big Blue's arm, and threw Jack's sword like a grappling hook. "Jack, now!" Jack touched Roxas' vine as the sword was thrown.
[Teamwork Bonus: Extra accuracy!]
Stands, while not technically solid by nature, still fall under states of matter. Some stands are liquid-based, while others are gaseous. Jack's Stand, Rules of Nature, is a plasma, or lightning, to be more specific. Rules of Nature can only possess things that can conduct electricity. Furthermore, its range is limited to Jack's touch. However!
Rules of Nature traveled out of Jack's hand, and along Roxas' vine at lightning speed.
The telekinetic waves Tension Rising has around the vine have been infused with positive ripple energy from Roxas. By traveling along these waves leading to the hilt, the negatively charged Rules of Nature can possess Jack's sword without him holding it!
The lightning Stand reached Jack's sword, and entered it.
In a single instant, Jack's sword has been possessed by Rules of Nature, and is now filled with lightning! The sword hit Squall's hat. Squall panicked, for hidden inside his trilby was the card that held his Stand... the Joker!
Squall's hat was disintegrated by Rules of Nature's lightning. Bursting forth from the destroyed card inside was Shuffle or Boogie, Squall's Stand. It was a golden skeleton wearing a purple jester outfit.
Jack smiled. "That's his Stand, alright," he said. "Still as ugly as I remember." Squall's golden cards turned back to their normal blue color. With Shuffle or Boogie outside of any of Squall's cards, the deck was rendered harmless.
Squall and his Stand backed up as Josiah, Andrew, Jack, and Roxas walked toward him, cornering him like an animal. Squall nervously laughed. "Mi amigos, come on! I'm sure we can talk this out." He started sweating. "I'm really sorry, you guys. It's not like I really wanted to kill any of you." Squall gulped as he felt a wall at his back. "Listen, I run this nice casino in Havana. I'm loaded! I can get you whatever you want! Money, women, you name it! I'll even replace your cane, Jack! Just let me go, por favor!"
[Phase 12 (u/vyhox): Keep him alive, but have all four guys give him a stand beat down.]
Jack stepped forward. "We'll let you live, Leonhart," he said, "but you have to answer a question for me." Jack's left foot surged with electricity. "What's your favorite number?"
Squall tried to run, but was kicked in the shin by Jack. The shock traveled through Squall's leg, but the pain rippled through his body. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"
Josiah, Roxas, and Andrew stood above Squall. "I'm starting to feel a lot better all of a sudden," Roxas commented. Josiah nodded. "Same here." Tension Rising and Big Blue emerged overhead. Squall was afraid now more than ever. "Come on, guys! Ganging up on me isn't fair!" Big Blue lifted Squall up. "Isn't fair?" Josiah asked. "Didn't you learn anything from running a casino? The house always wins."
When Squall fell to the ground, he was a bloody wreck. Squall tried to stand up, but Roxas had other plans. Tension Rising's vines covered Roxas' hand, and with a single poke to the chest, Squall rolled across the ground, and into another wall. "Mier... da..."
[Battle Clear! Winners: Josiah Johannes and Andrew Howe]
[Loading next scene...]
[Josiah Players: u/KirkOfHazard, u/King_of_cheese, u/vyhox]
[Andrew Players: u/Witupo, u/TehJoke]
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Arc 5 Readthrough

5.1) Somer's Rock is a bar in BB.
Kaiser is the leader of Empire 88. He wears full armor with a crown.
Fenja and Menja of E88 are busty blonde twins who wear Valkyrie armor and helmets. They can grow to be 3 stories tall which makes them extremely durable.
Krieg, Night, Fog, and Hookwolf are under Purity.
Night and Fog used to be based in Boston.
Most gangs recruit within their own city.
Kaiser by contrast recruits from all over the US. He as the most parahumans of any gang in BB. Most don't stay for long, though.
Purity creates solid light beams strong enough to destroy buses and brick walls.
Coil is taller than Grue but extremely skinny. He wears a full body black costume with a white snake on it.
He's a strategist. He controls half of Downtown with squads of ex military minions in high end gear. He's the only one in his organization with powers.
Faultline is in her 20s with a black ponytail. Her costume is a dress with armor.
Newter has orange skin, blue eyes, red hair, and a 5 foot long prehensile tail. Has a "u" tattoo on his chest.
Gregor the Snail is obese and hairless with white skin covered in snail shells. Has a "u" tattoo on his arm.
Labyrinth wears a green robe and mask.
Spitfire wears a red and black costume with a gas mask.
Faultline has a feud with Tattletale as they try to outsmart each other.
Faultline's crew are mercenaries who will take any job that doesn't involve murder. They've only failed at one or 2 jobs.
Faultline can find the hidden strengths in the people that work for her.
The Undersiders haven't failed at any jobs. That's important.
Faultline's crew has done 3 times as many jobs as the Undersiders.
Skidmark is black with chapped lips and gross teeth.
He's a drug dealer and addict.
He doesn't have the respect of other villains.
His subordinates are Moist and Squealer.
Kaiser speaks in a calm voice.
The Undersiders have respect because of the bank robbery and for beating Lung.
Skidmark is cowardly and only holds territory no one cares about.
The waitress at Somer's Rock is deaf.
The Travelers aren't local to BB. They all wear red and black costumes.
Trickster wears a black costume with a red mask and top hat. Looks like Baron Samedi.
His subordinates are a girl with a sun on her costume, a guy in armor with a square mask, and a four armed hairless gorilla.
The rules of neutral ground meetings are no fighting, no using powers, and no taunting people. Breaking rules causes everyone to attack the rule breakers.
Coil has a smooth voice.
The ABB has killed 35 people and hospitalized over 100.
The police and military are patrolling BB.
Being reckless is looked down on by villains because it brings the military and more heroes to the area.
Bakuda has over 300 minions with bombs implanted in their heads.
If she dies, all her bombs go off.
The video of the Undersiders escaping Bakuda is good for their reputation. So is pretending that they were unharmed.
Villains are capable of calling a truce, both with each other and with the police and military, to fight a bigger threat.
Faultline would work for anyone who pays her rates, even the ABB.
Coil talked to Faultline after the meeting.
Despite the truce, the villains are all plotting against each other.
5.2) Hookwolf is blonde with blue eyes and wears a metal wolf mask. He has a wolf and swastika tattoo on one arm and an E88 tattoo on the other arm. He wears only jeans and a belt with the wolf and swastika symbol on it.
His power makes metal sprout from his skin. Similar to Kaiser?
The Birdcage is in British Columbia.
Hookwolf is a murderer who escaped while being transported to the Birdcage twice.
He has a feud with Bitch since she attacked his dog fighting ring. Tattletale and Grue didn't know.
Only heroes call Bitch Hellhound.
Kaiser, Coil, Faultline, and Trickster lead their teams, while Grue only leads his team when it's necessary. The other villains would lose respect for him if they found out.
E88 attacks non whites and gays.
Hookwolf was out of town recently.
Insulting a villain requires money or blood as payment.
Skidmark is reckless and would start a fight in neutral territory.
Grue is stronger than Bitch.
Bitch not telling Grue about her actions made him look weak at the meeting.
Trickster smokes.
Bitch never apologizes.
Regent's power kickback can last for weeks.
Taylor still plans to turn the Undersiders in.
5.3) Weymouth shopping center is in BB.
Civilians have to be home at 6PM under the curfew. Stores close at 5:30.
Taylor talks about a duality between her and Skitter.
Battery and Shadow Stalker are protecting the mall with soldiers. Both are attractive but also controversial.
Bakuda's bombings have caused sales at the stores to try to counterbalance people's fear.
Manpower from New Wave was protecting the mall earlier.
Battery was head of the Wards a few years ago, and graduated to the Protectorate soon after. She's about 22.
The Protectorate changes the graduation dates to protect capes real ages and identities.
Battery's power lets her charge up by standing still in exchange for enhanced speed, strength, and electromagnetic powers.
Her costume is white, grey, and blue.
People speculate that her teammate Assault is her boyfriend, brother, or even both.
Shadow Stalker can turn into a smoky form and walk through walls.
She used to be a vigilante, and joined the Wards rather than go to jail.
She's supposed to only use nonlethal weapons but does anyway.
Her costume is grey with a black metal mask.
She's in her teens, about as tall as Taylor.
Battery is about 2 inches taller than Taylor.
Alan Barnes knows Danny. He's Emma's dad and has red hair.
Dockworkers have work with reconstruction and cleanup.
Mayoral elections are in the summer, city council elections are in the fall.
The current government doesn't want to reopen the ferry.
Alan is a lawyer.
One of Bakuda's bombs can turn people to glass.
Shadow Stalker has brown eyes.
Taylor tells her dad that Emma is the the bully.
5.4) Alan is tall and wide with a loud voice.
Emma has big tits. Catty Taylor points this out.
Madison's mom is small like her. Her parents are young.
Sophia showed up to the meeting with a blonde woman who was definitely not her mom.
Mrs. Knott is Taylor's homeroom teacher.
The principal is a skinny woman with a blonde bowl cut. She doesn't recognize Taylor.
The bullies full names are Emma Barnes, Madison Clements, and Sophia Hess.
Sophia is on the track and field team. She has gotten detention several times.
September 8th was Taylor's first day at school.
Mr. Quinlan is the math teacher.
There are gangs weapons, and drugs at the school. Some students have been badly injured.
Arcacia High is a good school with no gangs or drugs.
Sophia is one of the best runners in track and field.
Emma's dad is as means as she is.
Taylor's bugs react to her stress by approaching her.
Danny has a friend in the media.
Alan is a divorce attorney.
Lisa answers phone calls on the first ring.
Bitch is going to fight the ABB with members of the Travelers, Faultline's Crew, and Empire 88.
It's a 20 minute bus ride from Winslow High to the Undersiders base.
5.5) Coil proposed the idea of mixing and matching the groups so they couldn't betray each other.
Undersiders code: The first letter of a member's name, to be responded to with the last to make sure you aren't being held hostage. Then a green, yellow, or orange object to indicate the level of danger you're in.
Tattletale and Regent are with Faultline, Trickster, and the shapeshifter from the Travelers, as well as E88 members and Coil's soldiers.
Taylor's costume has a zipper.
Bitch only respects people who don't show weakness.
Skitter's power usually has a range of 2 blocks. On this day it's 3 and a half.
Skitter is being dropped off Northwest of the Undersiders base.
Bitch's power creates mass out of nothing.
Taylor's power also seems to rely on energy with no source.
Skidmark and the other Merchants had their base in an abandoned tourist shop that looked like a lighthouse. The ABB forced them out.
Bitch's dogs are the size of ponies.
Their group includes Kaiser, Fenja and Menja, the sun girl from the Travelers, Newter, and Labyrinth.
Newter can cling to walls.
He has blue hair and wraps around his hands and feet.
Coil's men have kevlar armor, baclavas, visors, and assault rifles. One has another rifle and the other has a grenade launcher.
Unlike everyone else, Skitter doesn't have a watch.
The attack starts at 4:48PM.
Labyrinth wasn't startled by Bitch's dogs. The normally calm Kaiser was.
5.6) Sundancer is the girl from the Travelers.
She thought the Undersiders were called the Outsiders.
She describes her group as intense, violent, and lonely. They have drama that makes hanging out not a fun time.
They rarely stay in one place for more than a week.
Taylor moved twice as a kid.
Newter has a prehensile tail. His eyes are solid blue with horizontal black pupils.
The ABB spray painted a warehouse they're using. Not very discreet.
Skitter thinks Newter is good looking if he weren't a mutant.
He claims bugs can't hurt him.
Sundancer can't use her power without seriously hurting people.
Ballistic is her teammate and has the same problem.
The ABB warehouse is full of 20-30 unarmed people in their underwear on the ground floor.
Bakuda's bombs are made of metal and plastic. They go off when humanoid forms pass them. There were 3 traps in the warehouse.
There are 10 armed people upstairs.
Newter runs on all fours. He can leap 15 feet.
His bodily fluids are hallucinogens. He disables living things on contact or even from a distance with his spit.
Kaiser blocked off Bitch from the upstairs with his blades.
Oni Lee and Lung are in the building.
5.7) Oni Lee's duplicates can act for a few seconds. They turn into white ash when destroyed.
One of Coil's soldiers is a sniper.
Bitch was stabbed in the arm.
Skitter's mask lens is damaged.
One of Coil's soldiers was knocked off the roof.
Skitter's bugs get cloned and teleport with Oni Lee.
Labyrinth's power makes checkerboard mazes.
She can't talk.
Oni Lee was shot in the leg.
Coil's soldier has a broken leg.
Sundancer has a gouged shoulder.
Taylor has Labyrinth sat behind.
The ABB were making drugs. The employees are in their underwear to keep them from stealing drugs.
Newter has a knife wound on his shoulder.
The ABB was raping their employees.
When Taylor was 5 or 6 she saw a meth head on the bus.
Several of her classmates left school due to drugs.
Brockton Bay has as many unemployed people as working people.
Taylor says "grody."
Sundancer is Caucasian and pale.
Newter is patched up with sanitary pads. Taped down on 3 sides so they can breathe. A subversion of Taylor's trigger event?
Bitch, Sundancer, and Taylor are strong enough to pick up Newter. He's about 180 lbs. Bitch and Sundancer are about as heavy as Taylor?
Taylor sends Bitch away to handle the injured.
Lung is 15 feet tall, covered in scales, and growing wings.
He lost his mask. His face is catlike, and his nose and mouth are on X shaped opening full of sharp teeth.
He has 6 ABB members with him.
Bitch doesn't care much about her team mates.
Fenja and Menja are 18-20 feet tall. One has a sword and shield, the other a spear.
5.9) Lung has a prehensile neck as long as Skitter's torso.
He has extreme reflexes, strength, and flexibility. He can easily throw Bitch's dogs.
He runs on all fours.
His fire can soften Kaiser's blades. He's strong enough to nreak the smaller ones.
Kaiser can manifest blades under people's feet.
Fenja and Menja are strong enough to knock Lung around.
Lung's fire is blue and yellow.
Fenja and Menja are vulnerable to fire.
Sundancer's power makes a sun strong enough to melt asphalt. She can control its direction.
It's hot enough to weaken Lung.
Kaiser impaled Lung through the heart, and he still regenerated.
Lung has red batlike wings covered in silver scales.
He's now 17 feet tall.
He slammed Kaiser into a wall repeatedly until he was unconscious.
Fenja has the spear.
He stabbed Menja in the stomach with a claw.
Her real name is Nessa.
Lung can disperse Sundancer's sun as she makes it.
Sundancer is immune to fire.
Lung knocked her aside.
Lung could have killed Skitter, Bitch, and everyone else present but toyed with them instead.
Lung was affected by Newter's venom in his eye.
Tattletale and Regent's team found Bakuda's workshop.
Lung can regrow an arm in a few months.
Skitter cut Lung's eyes out.
Bitch's dogs heal when they return to normal.
Skitter asked Fenja to see if Kaiser would drop the Dogfighting issue since she saved his life.
5.10) The ABB warehouse is at Whitemore and Sunset.
Sundancer is shocked over Skitter cutting out Lung's eyes.
Some of Coil's soldiers are trained medics.
Newter has fast healing.
Skitter's bugs took the ABB's money.
Newter touches Coil's soldier and Labyrinth with his hands with no effect. His wraps protect them?
Faultline's crew has several bases. They travel through the sewers using Labyrinth's power.
Newter can't get an infection. He's toxic to bacteria and parasites.
His power warped his body.
Labyrinth's power warped her mind. Sometimes she's lucid, other times she seems elsewhere.
She was rescued from somewhere. Her mazes are prettier than they used to be.
Skitter regrets not having a full helmet to protect her head.
She thought Bitch was going to kiss her.
She has bruises all over her from Lung.
Bitch carries dog food in her jacket.
Taylor's power hasn't affected her mind.
Bitch's power altered her mind to read body language better. It helps her communicate with dogs.
She has dog psychology, but it affected her ability to communicate with humans.
Tattletale doesn't trust Brian and Alec with this information.
5.I) Gregor the Snail has brown fingernails.
He hires people to run errands for hi due to his appearance.
He doesn't do anything illegal.
The pay is $400.
He has enemies.
He's about 30, 5 foot 10, and 3 times the average weight.
Palanquin club is 2 blocks from Lord Street. The sign is yellow.
Gregor used to work as a bouncer.
Newter is about 16.
Faultline openly discusses her jobs.
Gregor is Icelandic.
Faultline's crew had a job whee they went against Toybox, black market Tinkers a month ago.
They had a job in Philedelphia where they encountered Chevalier and Myrddin. They didn't lose.
Chevalier is the head of the Philedelphia Protectorate.
Myrddin is the head of the Chicago Protectorate.
People can't overdose on Newter's poison. It has no side effects and isn't addictive.
The bouncer in Palanquin is named Pierce.
Emily aka Spitfire and Elle aka Labyrinth share a room.
Emily has curly brown hair and freckles.
She has a Apple computer.
Elle is blonde.
Her power is strongest the less lucid she is. When she's fully aware, she has almost no power.
The Dragonslayers are villains who stole technology from the most powerful Tinker in the world. They're mercenaries and thieves.
Someone in an asylum in Boston knew about them and Faultline's crew got the information.
They fought the Boston Protectorate and recruited Elle from the asylum.
Faultline owns Palanquin as well as other businesses.
She has wavy black hair and sharp features.
Her power creates red and blue energy that manipulates wood, metal, stone, and plastic.
She cannot affect living wood.
She once toppled building on someone.
The Manton effect may be psychological and protect people from their own powers.
Gregor is stronger than Faultline.
He has thick skin and a layer of fluid protecting his bones and organs. His skeleton is flexible cartilage. He can be hit by a car without being injured.
A second trigger event is possible in life or death circumstances. It radically changes or improves their powers.
Monstrous parahumans with the "u" or "c" tattoo have been dumped all over North America. They all have amnesia.
4 out of 5 were monstrous at first.
A redheaded girl named Shamrock showed up in Las Vegas. She manipulates probabilities and has a bounty on her head for cheating.
She has a "u" tattoo.
Casinos have largely shut down due to parahumans who could cheat with their powers. Yet BB still had a casino?
People with the tattoo have been getting less monstrous over the years.
The Dealer was selling powers in a bottle in Tallahassee, Florida for $35,000.
His briefcase has the same "u" symbol on it.
One of his customers was murdered.
Sybill the Scarab has a beetle shell.
The makers of the potions have been getting better at it.
The Dealer stole the potions, as his customers didn't have tattoos.
The Dealer is likely dead.
Faultline's crew has a contract with Coil.
She has private investigators and wants to recruit Shamrock.
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